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Nurul Husna Salahuddin

Email: nurulhusna.salahuddin@tum.de


Twitter: @cuexnurul

Instagram: @cuexnurul

LinkedIn: Nurul Husna Salahuddin

Nurul is a doctoral student in the Section of Evidence-Based Medicine in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Technical University of Munich (TUM). She obtained her master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology at University of East London, United Kingdom. Prior to her doctoral study, she worked as a lecturer in a public university in Indonesia and a founder of mental health organisation called Well-Being Shelter. She provides community mental health-based intervention for children, woman, and mothers with depression and caregivers of Schizophrenia.

Her research interests include systematic review (pairwise and network meta-analysis) on psychological and psychosocial interventions for schizophrenia and randomized controlled trial on psychological intervention for caregivers of schizophrenia.

She is currently doing her dissertation projects on treatment resistant Schizophrenia and substance abuse on Schizophrenia.