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Symposium on 18.03.2023: Knowledge creates healing - treatment of psychoses in research and practice

German flyer: Behandlung von Psychosen - Symposium 18.03.2023


  • 09:00     Welcome and introduction - Prof. Dr. med. Josef Priller
  • 09:30     The right mix of science and practice in schizophrenia treatment - Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Leucht
  • 10:00     What can be offered besides medication? CT, Shared Decision Making Apps and other psychosocial therapies - Dr. Irene Bighelli
  • 10:30     What is the latest on the pathophysiology of schizophrenia from an imaging perspective? - Dr. med. Felix Brandl
  • Break
  • 11:30     Why are many relatives so dissatisfied? Can psychoeducational groups and psychosis seminars help? - Prof. Dr. med. Josef Bäuml, Alexandra Wagner, Dr. med. Isabel Maurus
  • 12:00     BASTA - the alliance for people with mental illness: successful anti-stigma projects in the Öffentlichkeit - Elfriede Scheuring, Peter Bechmann
  • 13:00     What does the German Centre for Mental Health, newly founded by the Federal Ministry, mean for the care and research of psychoses and beyond? - Prof. Dr. med. Josef Priller